Pompeii is incredibly well preserved.  When Vesuvius erupted on 24 August AD 79, it engulfed the two flourishing Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum, as well as the many wealthy villas in the area. These have been progressively excavated and made accessible to the public since the mid-18th century. You will get a vivid impression of the opulent lifestyle enjoyed by the wealthier citizens of the Early Roman Empire. Pompeii is one of the most meaningful testimonies of the Roman civilization. The city resurfaces from the dark of the centuries as it was to the moment in which it came covered by one layer of escaped ashes, with the devastating eruption of the Vesuvius. Today, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Italy, with approximately 2,500,000 visitors every year.

Duration: half day

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